Originally from Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, the 50-year-old interior designer has been based in Shanghai since 2004. And it is here that he started taking photographs for a living. After having received numerous awards for his work as an interior designer, M50 held a photography exhibition in the summer of 2005 which officially launched JIN’s career as a photographer.

Due to his background in interior design, JIN is well-experienced in using perspective, colours and composition to create visually intriguing artworks. “Design and photography have in common a rich visual feedback”, says JIN. His photographs reflect these features, and they achieve to portray the most beautiful sides of Shanghai and China. JIN experiences himself as a witness of the rapid and profound changes in his environment. Indeed, aesthetically pleasing as his images may be, JIN describes himself first and foremost as a documentary photographer. Determined to document the metamorphosis of his surroundings, JIN uses his camera to freeze a moment in Shanghai’s life, as this city awakens every morning with a new face.