Lawrence Schiller was born in 1936 in Brooklyn, and grew up outside of San Diego, California. After attending Pepperdine College in Los Angeles, he worked for Life magazine, Paris Match, The Sunday Times, Time, Newsweek, Stern, and The Saturday Evening Post as a photojournalist. He published his first book, LSD, in 1966. Since then he has published eleven books, including W. Eugene Smith’s Minamata and Norman Mailer’s Marilyn.Marilyn & Me, A Photographer’s Memories in words and pictures, Schiller’s eleventh book, was recently publihsed by Nan A. Talese, an imprint of Doubleday in a small memoir edition and by TASCHEN in a deluxe Collectors Edition with 131 color and black and white photographs. An exhibtion of his vintage photographs is being exhibited in France, Beligum, England and New York City.