(Born October 2, 1949) Portrait photographer for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz has been a portraitist of celebrities since 1970, when she first went to work for Rolling Stone magazine. By the time she left in 1983 she’d made dozens of iconic photos of heads of state, movie actors and rock stars. Her best known piece of the era was a photograph of naked John Lennon curled up with clothed Yoko Ono, taken the day he was killed by Mark Chapman. By 1983, Leibovitz was hired by Condé Nast to be the primary talent to photograph for Vanity Fair. Most of Leibovitz’ work (color and black and white) exhibits her talent for incorporating environment, props, or an idiosyncratic gesture to resonate with her subjects’ persona or “public trademark.” Leibovitz’ extraordinary range of subjects has spanned from portraits of athletes at Atlanta’s Olympic Games to a more recent book collaboration with Susan Sontag, Women (1999).