(1929-2004) The photographs of Don Hong-Oai are made in a unique style of photography which can be considered Asian pictorialism. This method of adapting a Western art for Eastern purposes probably originated in the 1940s in Hong Kong and Don Hong-Oai was one of the last photographers to work in this manner, as well as possibly being the best. Born in Canton, China in the late 1920s, Don spent most of his life in Saigon, Vietnam where he was apprenticed as a young boy to a photography studio. By his teen years he was an accomplished portrait photographer and teacher, eventually opening his own studio. He remained in Vietnam through the war, fleeing by boat to California in 1979. He returned to China every few years to make new negatives to be matched up and made into pictures when he returned to his small darkroom in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Only in the last few years of his life was his work discovered by a wider public and he was kept very busy making prints for collectors across the US and elsewhere.