A trip to Peru at the age of 25 years ignited David’s passion for photography and since that time he has continued to develop as a photographer through a multitude of adventures, both at home and abroad.  His photographic evolution was not unlike that of others with landscapes and still life at the start, and then eventually finding his creative rhythm later in life.  In his current work, he seeks to capture the beauty of the ordinary in human activity, explore the hidden beauty in the tiny landscapes of macrophotography, and expose the intimate battle between human and Mother Nature.   He plays with and manipulates the colors, light, and boundaries of images, resulting in pieces that challenge the mind.  While he was honored when his 2009 photograph, “Mountain Air” was selected as the
cover of the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of the California State Oriental Medical Association journal, his true joy is witnessing his viewers’ connect with his images on multiple levels.  He continues to explore photography, art and humanity from his home in the Richmond Hills in the San Francisco Bay Area.